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Don't sacrifice the quality of your business website due to high upfront design costs! We've teamed up with Behalf so now you can purchase powerful, fully customized websites, digital marketing, and graphic solutions you want and pay later using our financing solution.

Increase purchasing power

Buy what you need to run your business, when you need it, when approved by Behalf.

Pay over time

Set an automatic payment schedule that works for your business: from no fee net terms to 30 – 90 days of financing at a low fixed rate (from 1-3%).

Build business credit
as you pay

Behalf reports all payments to major business credit bureaus monthly.

Purchase TheWebsite Your Business Deserves Today and Pay Later

Don't allow budgeting restrictions to get in the way of conveying the proper brand message for your business and get measurable results.

At WebWorkx, we believe in creating websites that match your vision. When you hire us to build a website for your small business, we take on the challenge of bringing your vision to life while adding technical components to help you convert to the highest standard within your respected industry. We pride ourselves in offering high quality websites at fair and competitive rates. Don't let budgeting restrictions stop you from launching a professional site for your business.

Easy Website Design Financing

How it Works

Sign upfor Behalf01

Enter basic details about you and your business: the process only takes a couple minutes.

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Pay for your WebWorkx servicewith Behalf02

Behalf pays WebWorkx by the next business day after the transaction approval so our team can start working on your custom website or digital marketing service ASAP!

Pay Behalfback over time03

You set the payment schedule that works best for your business.

Don't Settlefor an Unprofessional Website.


Still wondering if Behalf will be a good fit?

Some of the factors that might give a Business a good chance of qualifying for a Behalf purchasing limit* include:

Web Design Financing

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should my business pay with Behalf?

    Great question! The reasons are endless why businesses should use Behalf to Finance their business expenses but here are our Top 4:

    1. Increase purchasing power
    Buy what you need to run your business, when you need it, when approved by Behalf.

    2. Pay over time
    Set an automatic payment schedule that works for your business: from no-fee NET 30 terms to 30-90 days of financing at a fixed monthly rate (1 – 3%), subject to meeting underwriting and account approval criteria.

    3. Keep payables current
    Behalf will pay your merchant next business day after transaction approval.*
    4. Build business credit as you pay
    Behalf reports all payments to major business credit bureaus monthly. If all payments are good and made on time, using Behalf may improve your business’s credit profile, as Behalf reports to 3 major business credit bureau agencies.

  • How does my business pay Behalf back?

    Behalf draws directly from your business deposit bank account listed in your Behalf Profile, according to the schedule you chose when you placed your order. Business customers can choose to pay monthly or weekly, and are subject to Behalf’s approval and underwriting criteria.

    Generally, it can take up to four business days for processing ACH debits from your bank account when you make a payment using your business checking account. An update to your purchasing limit as seen in ‘available balance’ is made after your payment is successfully captured.

    Payments made by debit card may show up faster in your ‘available balance’. Purchasing limits will be updated within 24 hours, after successful processing of payments made by debit card. Contact moc.flaheb%40stnemyap to pay with a debit card.

  • How soon will WebWorkx start working on my project after approval?

    Once approved, our team will begin working on your project immediately! We take all deadlines very seriously so you can count on us to stay on top of all progress from Behalf in order to launch your project.
    For all clients who are approved for financing through our Business Financing partner Behalf, will automatically receive 20% off of total invoice.

    *cannot combine with other offers

  • Can Behalf send the money directly to me or my business?

    Behalf pays your merchant directly, on your behalf, at the time of purchase for business needs. Your merchant will receive payment by the next business day after transaction approval when the payment is made with a virtual card. If the transaction is made with ACH, it will be processed the next business day, which can take up to 3.5 calendar days (i.e.: if transaction occurs after ACH cut-off time: Thursday at 6pm PST). Delays could occur due to unforeseen circumstances, or additional information or verification required.

    Behalf does not pay business customers directly. Behalf does not pay merchants for items that are not for business purposes.

  • What reporting agencies/credit bureaus does Behalf report to?

    Behalf reports your payment history on a monthly basis to the following credit bureaus: Dunn & Bradstreet (Business Credit File), Experian (Business Credit) and Equifax (Business Credit).

    In order to shed some light on why you might not be seeing Behalf data on your report, please note the following:

    1. Behalf reports your payment history directly to Dunn & Bradstreet, Experian and Equifax through the Small Business Financial Exchange (SBFE), a third-party data provider to credit bureaus.

    2. Behalf reports to credit bureaus as a financial institution and not as a trade reference. Therefore, Behalf won’t count towards your D&B Paydex score, but it does count towards your Experian Intelliscore Plus.

    3. We report according to the business name and address you provided when opening your Behalf account.

    With this information in hand, you should contact the credit bureau to ask why you are not seeing your Behalf repayment history on your credit report.

    Here are the contact numbers you’ll need:

    Dun & Bradstreet: 1-866-248-1450

    Equifax: 1-800-727-8495

    Experian Business: 1-800-303-1640

  • How many soft credit hits does Behalf conduct?

    When a business customer signs up for Behalf, a ‘soft’ inquiry will be made on the business contact or Responsible Party’s personal credit history and is included as a factor in the business’s eligibility for a Behalf Business Account. In addition, we will obtain a business credit report.

    When a business requests an extension of purchasing limit, Behalf reserves the right to pull a soft inquiry, as part of the terms and conditions agreed to when signing up with and using Behalf. We will perform periodic soft inquiries into the business contact or Responsible Party’s personal credit history to monitor the business’s eligibility for any terms changes. These periodic credit reports are commonly referred to as ‘account management inquiries’ and do not have an impact on your credit score, as they are soft inquiries.

Once Approved, Behalf Will Pay Your Invoice!

Behalf will pay your invoice by the next business day or sooner after a transaction is submitted and approved. That means our team can start working on your project!

● Behalf provides a virtual Visa card number to you upon transaction approval that can be used for purchases made online, in-store or over the phone.● Use the virtual Visa card to pay multiple merchants upon submission of approved payment requests through the Behalf Customer Portal



Website Design Financing+

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