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Free digital audit on your business

Free digital audit on your business

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Understand exactly where your business stands compared to your industry leaders.

Our report will help you gain insights on how your business is doing online against local competitors and major industry leaders.

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What is the Snapshot Report?

Our Snapshot Report is an award winning marketing needs assessment that uncovers statistics from six important categories to give you an in-depth overview of your businesses digital state. This is vital to seeing how you stack up against your competition in your specific industry. Our analysis will offer details on how you can improve your digital marketing efforts and how to ensure brand success online.

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6 Important Categories | One Concise Report

A Full All-in-one Business Review


Search Engine Optimization

Did you know Google receives more than 3.5 billion searches online every day? How can you make sure that they see your business? The answer's simple, Search Engine Optimization!

Our Snapshot Report will share important and current stats regarding your businesses current ranking information then review the different avenues we can take to boost your visibility in those search results to ensure new people find your business before finding your competitors.


Website Audit

88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience. We will enhance all the great things you're currently doing and make suggestions parallel to what’s most important to potential customers.


Business Listings Review

Over 85% of consumers search online before even setting foot in a store. We will look at 3 areas important to your overall business listings health and accuracy.


Customer Reviews

88% of online shoppers consider reviews when making a buying decision. Our audit will provide you with internet wide stats regarding your online reviews. This includes an overall average for your reviews, amount of reviews compared to your industry leaders, and much more!


Social Media Statistics

There are currently over 3 billion social media users in the world. That's where your current and future clients are and it's exactly where your business should be. We will dive into your social presence from your potential customers point of view and give insights on what they have to say.


Digital Advertising

Most of your customers are spending more time online than they do at work any given week. Our insights will show you where you stand in regards to your marketing dollars spent compared to your competitors as well as your industry leaders.

Our goal is to help you understand strengths and identify any weakness

We want to help you compete and dominate against your competition!

No credit card required!This is a free offer created to help small and mid-sized businesses.

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It all comes down to knowing the answer to one question,

How's your business performing online?

Here's what to expect after the questionnaire:

After completing the questionnaire, you'll receive the full report in your email.
Delivery time varies and depends on many factors including, the amount of listings and links your company has on the internet, amount of locations, social accounts, and reviews.

Our Snapshot report is valued at $97, but we do not charge our clients for the audit. Instead, we offer this as a free resource to help small business owners understand exactly where their business stands online.