Top 3 Reasons Your Auto Repair Shop Needs SEO in 2022

Top 3 Reasons Your Auto Repair Shop Needs SEO in 2022

When business owners think of SEO, they typically picture a professional website that’s optimized to be found on Google and other search engines. Unfortunately, in the automotive world, many auto repair shops, don't have websites. This normally leads to a decrease in customer traffic, since customers are more likely to go to, or schedule an appointment with, one of the first options they find on Google to get their car fixed. SEO can help auto repair shops increase leads, which is one of the many reasons why auto repair shop owners should look into implementing a professional SEO strategy in their marketing campaign.

Top 3 Reasons Your Auto Repair Shop Needs SEO

1. Gain More New Customers

The most important reason why shop owners should employ a Professional SEO Strategy is because when done right, it will bring in more new customers. Let's say that we have two auto repair shops, on a busy corner in Miami, FL, directly across the street from each other. Shop A, has a professional website and has been implementing SEO in their marketing strategy for the past 9 months and have been able to rank on page 1 on Google for a variety of keywords. They also depend on passing traffic to gain new customers. Shop B doesn’t have a website or any online listings, and mostly depend on passing traffic for marketing. Who do you think will gain more new customers?Shop A of course! By leveraging their website and SEO strategy, Shop A will be able to schedule more customers online, that otherwise may have never seen their shop in person. Customers that are ready to spend money on a service or product, and simply looking for a trustworthy company that's the best fit for them. This is where your website’s design also plays a part in relaying the proper message about your auto repair shop.

2. Fewer Competitors

There are thousands of auto repair shops in every state, but the truth is, hundreds of auto repair shops are still operating without a website, Google My Business listing, or at times, any online listings at all. This leads to fewer auto repair shops to compete with online and makes it easier for your shop to rank for the keywords your potential customers are searching for.

3. Brand Exposure

As a local auto repair shop owner, not only do you want to gain more customers, but you also want to get your brand out there as a trusted source for auto repair in your city and surrounding cities. Referring back to my example in Point #1, when someone searches for “auto repair shops in Miami, FL” on Google, and Shop A comes up as one of the top results, in many cases they’ve gained brand trust from the user by placing that high, and if the right impression is made online, it can lead to many new bookings and recurring business from these new clients, turned loyal customers who have confidence and trust in your brand. 

A lot goes into building a consistent stream of business for auto repair shops, and though SEO is the piece that gets your site in front of potential customers, your overall success online is determined by how many of these users your website's design, and content can convert into paying customers.