The Importance of Social Media Management for Small Businesses

The Importance of Social Media Management for Small Businesses

As the owner of a small business, you are constantly looking for new ways to get your brand in front of your potential customers. Apart from the common methods of communication with potential customers like emails, contact forms, and phone calls, social media is a powerful way to communicate to the masses and get your customers engaged.

For many businesses, this is where social media management comes to play. Engaging with your existing customers as well as with the new ones have been made easy these days. Social media has become one of the best ways to communicate with your users on a bigger scale. Consider the following statistics. 84% of C-level buyers are influenced by social media for making their purchase decisions. 75% of B2B buyers go on social media platforms for researching their options before making purchase decisions. It’s safe to say, if you’re not implementing the proper social media management strategy, this can become a major obstacle to achieving success for many small businesses.


The elaborated process that involves analyzing audiences from selected social media platforms and crafting a specific strategy tailored to that businesses needs is called social media management. Moreover, it includes the creation and distribution of the content required for different social media platforms, and growth strategies as well.

Other aspects of social media management include things such as keeping track of the online conversions, working in conjunction with lots of influencers, and reporting social media performance alongside return on investment, or ROI.

There is no denying that social media is one of the top sources for making money online. No matter if you’re actually selling on social platforms or using them as a means to communicate your message. However, to attain maximum visibility and strengthen your brand’s voice, the management of different social channels should follow an efficient, organized, and effective method. And, this is made possible with social media management.


The amount of people using social media is rapidly increasing. According to the Statista Reports, about 3.6 billion people in 2020 were active on all social media platforms. By 2025, according to their estimates, the numbers will reach about 4.41 billion. What does this mean for your small business? Well, simply put, if there’s more people using social media, this means the chances of having potential customers are higher.

For that, you need a robust marketing strategy, and in most cases, only an efficient social media manager can help with that. Remember, large companies have a visible social media presence, because they have a professional team of social media managers and marketers, specifically there to build the social media presence. This is what leads to their company soaring on social media and  gaining the trust of thousands of new potential customers along the way. Also keep in mind, that a lot of businesses draw traffic from social media platforms, so a successful social media strategy will also help with other pieces of the marketing puzzle like domain authority, which is vital for SEO.

Small businesses shouldn’t be left behind. People are spending a lot of time on social media, so when users spend more time on these platforms, your small business gets more opportunities to connect with them and gain their interest. Another interesting report from Global Web Index shows that a majority of people on the internet are looking for a product.

According to the report, about 54% of users were searching for a specific product. While they were researching the item, they were engaging with the brand as well. That way, brands can leverage social media and increase brand visibility among potential customers. 


Social media management is a great option for business owners interested in growth without spending hours of their day running their profiles. Owners and entrepreneurs that want to spend more time running their business while still gaining the benefits of a professionally managed SMM strategy. But specifically, how can social media help your small business?

IMPROVES YOUR BRAND AWARENESS – As the popularity of the social media platforms increase, the audiences are exposed to your products or services. Social media has the power to target customers regardless of age and demographics. They are on the platform and waiting for you.

The likeness of customers buying from you depends on the presentation of your brand, product, or service. And, if they are satisfied, they will buy again. As such, your brand awareness increases and helps you to build a strong relationship with other users, which, in turn, helps your brand grow further.

2-WAY COMMUNICATION – Because of social media, information is shared between users and businesses. You can indirectly ask a simple question in the form of a tweet or a post and find out the thought process or interest of your customers. What you do with that information connects you with customers on a much deeper level and will help differentiate your business from the others.

GREAT CUSTOMER SUPPORT SYSTEM – With 2-way communication, you can give feedback and reply instantly to queries your customers may have. That way, your users will know how much you care about them, and they will have a nice experience overall. This goes a long way in strengthening the relationship between you and your users.

YOU CAN STAY AHEAD OF YOUR COMPETITORS – While it is not a good idea for a small business to copy whatever their competitors make, they can at least have an idea of the kind of content the competition sharing. It is wise to do something unique that is different from the others. Although there is no shortage of social media platforms, find out the places where you believe that your brand voice will be the strongest. And, you will have more engagement and double down!


Social media management can cost you anywhere between $200 to $5000 or more per month for professional services. However, the pricing depends on several factors, such as, your goals for the service, speed of growth, organic vs. paid growth strategies, agency vs freelancer, and more.

Keep in mind that when you hire an efficient social media manager to take care of the campaigns, it brings more customers and sales to your business. In short, social media management will attract traffic and increase engagement on your website. So, it is a worthwhile investment.

I suggest comparing quotes from different social media experts and agencies to have a few options to choose from. When you narrow down to the right fit, those experts will help your social media presence grow.


Small business owners have individual goals for their business, and for some, social media may not be as important for their industry. This is for you to determine by looking at competitors' stats and conducting the proper research about your industry. However, social media management can help your small business achieve those goals in an efficient and effective fashion without the headache of doing it all yourself. The right social media management company will give your business a professional edge against your competitors, and in many cases, can be what's needed to beat your competitors across the board.