6 Industries That Need SEO to Thrive.

6 Industries That Need SEO to Thrive.

As the leader of our marketing team at WebWorkx, it's important for me to identify & understand all aspects of marketing. Not only for us and our agency's internal campaigns, but obviously for each of our clients and their businesses unique marketing needs. This includes the impact of different marketing methods across a wide array of industries. Recently I updated some outdated research completed a few years ago and put it against the rising impact of SEO in present time. I determined that though all businesses need some form of marketing to strive, these 6 industries almost triple profits when proper SEO techniques are applied. 

Medical Professionals

Many studies are showing the positive impacts of SEO in the medical industry. From Primary Care Physicians to Plastic Surgeons or Dentists to Optometrists. It's becoming apparent to medical professionals nationwide that it's absolutely imperative to have the proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan in place. The fact is more patients are using the internet to search for and find their next doctor. 

Medical Website Tips: Your Medical Website should look professional and trustworthy, contain updated information, and be easy to navigate. At WebWorkx, we even add a client portal that enables patients to communicate with the staff as well as set appointments and follow-ups right from the website. 

Lawyers / Attorneys

Just like professionals in the medical industry, attorneys have a lot to gain from implementing the proper SEO techniques in the their overall marketing plan. Radio works okay, TV's nice, but as a lawyer it's important to meet the client where THEY want to be met. ON GOOGLE, YAHOO, AND BING! (Mostly Google though. 😉 )

Attorney Website Tips: Professional, easily accessible, and tons of testimonials! I'd also suggest things like a live chat box to generate immediate leads directly from the site. At WebWorkx we also strategically place different call-to-actions throughout the website for optimal results.

Real Estate Agents

This one's pretty straight forward and as a previous agent of a luxury brokerage firm, I can personally contest it. Clients are searching for homes online. Normally clients don't realize how much work really goes into the process of purchasing a new home and it's only natural once they realize for their next thought to be to search for the best agent in their area. This is where a strong SEO plan plays its part in most agents success. 

Real Estate Website Tips: High definition photos and videos + As many testimonials as you can get! There's a plethora of agents saying just about the same thing so my suggestion is focusing your efforts on showing your clients why you're the best option for them. 

Restaurants / Bars

Ask yourself. When visiting a new city and you search on Google for "restaurants near me", which of the results do you choose? Obviously over 70% of Google users don't scroll past the first page but aside from that. What stats are you looking for? The restaurant with a 2 star average from 5 previous patrons or the one with 4.8 stars from 50? This is especially important with Google Maps rankings and the same goes for bars and pubs. 

According to Forbes, "Online reviews are one of the top factors that contribute to your ranking in Google Maps, and these are visible both in your Google Maps listing as well as in the search results." 

(Click here to read the full article on Forbes.)

Restaurant / Bars Website Tips: Your menu and HD photos of your dishes should be easily accessible. I'd also suggest adding customer reviews throughout the menu page(s) so your customers can see what others have to say about your restaurant! As for bars owners, focus in on collecting customer experience reviews that describe 


SEO is vital part of any major Plumbers marketing strategy, and if it isn't, there's no doubt it should be! See, unlike most industries where you may have a waiting period between the initial contact and the sale, people are searching for plumbers when they're in need of immediate servicing! They're relying on a speedy Google search to find the "top plumbers in tacoma, wa" who can come and fix the problem quickly.

Plumbers Website Tips: Ease of use and professional design is the key here. Most of your clients will be searching for your services during dire times, so I suggest having your site set up with an emergency line they can call or text. Maybe even a live chat box that allows the client to schedule immediately. 

BONUS: ALL Small Businesses!

Though these may be some of the top industries that need SEO services the most, I believe all small businesses need to implement some sort of professional SEO technique to compete in today's climate. Remember, proper SEO places your business in front of clients that are already searching for other similar businesses, services, or products. Ensuring your business ranks high on Google search results in most cases also ensures increased traffic, higher sales conversions, and higher revenues for your small business.